V-ROX 2017 artists from Taiwan: My Skin Against Your Skin, 88 Balaz, Sangpuy and DJ Code.

July 3, 16:38

We are happy to announce 4 leading bands and musicians from Taiwan who will celebrate with us our 5th year anniversary between 4-6 August in Vladivostok: My Skin Against Your Skin – rock band from Taipei, blues lovers 88 Balaz, true shaman Sangpuy and DJ Code.

My Skin Against Your Skin

The band My Skin Against Your Skin currently consists of Andrea Huang (lead vocalist) and Si-Lu Yu (bassist, synthesizer and programmer) and Jesse Wang (drummer). Their self-titled EP was released in 2012, which earned «Best Band», «Best Rock Single» and «Best Musician» (Si-Lu Yu) of the 3rd Golden Indie Music Awards. Additionally, it was nominated for the «Best Band Award» at the 2013 Golden Melody Awards, which is equivalent to America’s Grammy Awards in the Greater China region.

88 Balaz

88 Balaz have been rousing audiences and sparking interest in locals and expat crowds alike since they formed around 1996. The band’s singer Ah-Jon brings audiences into his songs that unfold like dreams and fables. Accompanied by Bluez’s raw guitar solos and Kuan-Ling and Dong-Yo’s punky drums & bass.

Known for their energetic stage performances, 88 Balaz attracts large crowds at festivals and live house events alike. Between songs, Ah-Jon engages the audiences with a straightforward sincerity, and then goes nuts on his acoustic when the band sparks up. The band also made their Japan & Beijing debut in early 2009, hitting up several well-known rock clubs.



Sangpuy oftenly been described as a «young man with an old soul» because of his life journey and ethos in his song and life style. Sangpuy comes from a Pinyumayan indigneous tribe – Katatipulr, in Taiwan’s Pacific southeast coast. In Katatipulr he learned Pinuyumayan music, language, culture and traditions.


On the leading edge of Asia’s electronic music scene, DJ Code began making a name for himself even before releasing an album, creating music for films such as Golden Horse Award – winning  «Eternal Summer» and luxury brands like Sobranie.  Нe has spun at launch parties for major brands like Armani Exchange, Aston Martin, BMW, Hennessy and Louis Vuitton, and produced music for prominent companies like ASUS, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, and Uniqlo.