V-ROX V creative market: invitation to collaborate

July 5, 14:21

V-ROX V will see the return of highly popular festival market with original hand-craft accessories made by local talents and companies. You will have the chance to get some exclusive souvenirs, band merchandise and V-ROX themed gifts.

The market is an excellent opportunity for businesses to get their product out to mass public, check and review their existing “business model” and of course show the brilliant potential of Vladivostok to local and international festival guests.

Everyone has the opportunity to showcase their project no matter what it is. We encourage all to take part and create either a personal stand or and interactive zone for festival guests. You can submit your application until 31 July via market@vrox.org or fill the application form here. International businesses are welcome to apply.

The constant partner of the festival and the organizer of the market is the Creativespot project. The events of Creativespot have become an integral part of city life. They are eagerly awaited, admired, discussed. Creativespot events help young creative residents of Vladivostok realize their potential, and give an opportunity to spend an unforgettable time in their hometown.

V-ROX V Market is looking forward to welcoming you all 4-6 August on the Sport Embankment. Let’s take away souvenirs of the festivals 5th year anniversary along with your personal photographs and bags of emotions! WE V-ROX YOU!