Art and social activity


11:00 Alex Michaelson (USA / JAPAN) The presentation оf the book «Performing in Japan: The KMC Guide to the World’s Largest Music Market» / ENG

12:00 Filligar  V-ROX Artist presents: How to combine concert and social-media activities. / ENG

13:00 Sangpuy (Taiwan) V-ROX Artist presents: The Art and Culture of Taiwan’s Aborigines / CHN

Music industry

August, 5, 6 Мумий Тролль Music Bar

Yamaha ProAudio Tour. Master-classes on digital mixing consoles Yamaha TF


August, 5 OCEAN CINEMA THEATRE & IMAX 3rd flor

10:00 Imam Wisaya Surataruna, Enrico Prabowo Siek (Indonesia) Ecology of Jakarta, ENG

Natalia Yakunina (head of the ecological project “Island of Dreams”) Ecological quests in Russia / RU

11:00 Anna Utitskikh (national park «Leopard Land») «Meet the Far Eastern Leopard» / RU

Youth Culture

August, 6 OCEAN CINEMA THEATRE & IMAX 3rd flor

10:00 Ivan Sosnovtsev, Pavel Lopatin, Vladimir Polovtsev, Alexander Polovtsev.  Starcardigan & Hays successes and achievements of V-ROX artists in the Far East. Touring the Asian region /RU

11:00 Gary Baseman  The Door is Always Open/ Los Angeles-based artist Gary Baseman explores the beauty of the bittersweetness of life through painting, performance, illustration, toy design, film and fashion. Known for his raw style and humor, he will present how artists develop narratives and find their own creative voice, and show how his art works dynamically in multiple media in today’s world.

Japan Gastronomic master classes

August, 5, 6 Kitchen restaurant

Masaaki Ayoma, two Michelin star chef. In the menu: local fish with marinade and sushi

Tomohisa Kawauchi, a dynamic culinary artist from Osaka presenting Izakaya menu and Yakitori shish kebabs.