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V-ROX 2017 new artists: Wa Rubbers, Deer, Starcardigan and The Gravity

July 10, 13:20
WA Rubbers

We are happy to announce more bands and musicians who will celebrate our 5th year anniversary between 4-6 August in Vladivostok. Meet Okinawa stars Wa Rubbers, Deer – Mexicans from Hong Kong and aboriginals from Vladivostok The Gravity and Starcardigan.

The Wa Rubbers members were originally busy with video production, web and fashion design, they released short films and photo books. From about 2013, they started musical activities as a band, using common musical instruments to themselves such as the guitar, a washboard, the Okinawan tradition instrument, and so on.


Deer is an electronic band conformed by two Mexican musicians: Adriana Falcon and Miguel Bastida. Their music is a mix of trip hop, industrial sounds and deep basses plus the powerful vocals and the nostalgic lyrics that brings back the memories of the Mexican and Latin-American poetry.

The Gravity

This music of the Gravity band combines dynamic guitar sounds and beautiful memorable melodies, that reaches heart and remain there for a long time. Creating every song, musicians don’t aspire to obey any rules, but combine their common ideas with individual addictions and preferences.


Starcadigan is an electronic pop, nu-disco band from Vladivostok. Considered to be one of the best emerging talents in Russia among music lovers and industry insiders. In 2016 the band has become a true phenomenon after completing a tour of China which was deemed as the biggest tour in the history of Russian musicians who tour in that particular region.

Get ready for V-ROX V!

July 6, 16:17
Россия. Владивосток. 20 августа. Во время концерта группы «Joel Sarakula» (Австралия). Дмитрий Ефремов/ТАСС|

The festival playlist 2017 is ready for your downloads!

Listen to the music, download and choose your favorite: trendy DJ Code from Taiwan, Indonesian dreamers Lightcraft, Russian indie-pop singer mescheryakova, Rattle And Hum from India, indie-rockers National Pigeon Unity, Graham Candy from New Zeland and more musicians from all over the world.

Let’s meet and sing together in Vladivostok August, 4-6, WE V-ROX YOU!

V-ROX V creative market: invitation to collaborate

July 5, 14:21

V-ROX V will see the return of highly popular festival market with original hand-craft accessories made by local talents and companies. You will have the chance to get some exclusive souvenirs, band merchandise and V-ROX themed gifts.

The market is an excellent opportunity for businesses to get their product out to mass public, check and review their existing “business model” and of course show the brilliant potential of Vladivostok to local and international festival guests.

Everyone has the opportunity to showcase their project no matter what it is. We encourage all to take part and create either a personal stand or and interactive zone for festival guests. You can submit your application until 31 July via or fill the application form here. International businesses are welcome to apply.

The constant partner of the festival and the organizer of the market is the Creativespot project. The events of Creativespot have become an integral part of city life. They are eagerly awaited, admired, discussed. Creativespot events help young creative residents of Vladivostok realize their potential, and give an opportunity to spend an unforgettable time in their hometown.

V-ROX V Market is looking forward to welcoming you all 4-6 August on the Sport Embankment. Let’s take away souvenirs of the festivals 5th year anniversary along with your personal photographs and bags of emotions! WE V-ROX YOU!

V-ROX 2017 artists from Taiwan: My Skin Against Your Skin, 88 Balaz, Sangpuy and DJ Code.

July 3, 16:38

We are happy to announce 4 leading bands and musicians from Taiwan who will celebrate with us our 5th year anniversary between 4-6 August in Vladivostok: My Skin Against Your Skin – rock band from Taipei, blues lovers 88 Balaz, true shaman Sangpuy and DJ Code.

My Skin Against Your Skin

The band My Skin Against Your Skin currently consists of Andrea Huang (lead vocalist) and Si-Lu Yu (bassist, synthesizer and programmer) and Jesse Wang (drummer). Their self-titled EP was released in 2012, which earned «Best Band», «Best Rock Single» and «Best Musician» (Si-Lu Yu) of the 3rd Golden Indie Music Awards. Additionally, it was nominated for the «Best Band Award» at the 2013 Golden Melody Awards, which is equivalent to America’s Grammy Awards in the Greater China region.

88 Balaz

88 Balaz have been rousing audiences and sparking interest in locals and expat crowds alike since they formed around 1996. The band’s singer Ah-Jon brings audiences into his songs that unfold like dreams and fables. Accompanied by Bluez’s raw guitar solos and Kuan-Ling and Dong-Yo’s punky drums & bass.

Known for their energetic stage performances, 88 Balaz attracts large crowds at festivals and live house events alike. Between songs, Ah-Jon engages the audiences with a straightforward sincerity, and then goes nuts on his acoustic when the band sparks up. The band also made their Japan & Beijing debut in early 2009, hitting up several well-known rock clubs.



Sangpuy oftenly been described as a «young man with an old soul» because of his life journey and ethos in his song and life style. Sangpuy comes from a Pinyumayan indigneous tribe – Katatipulr, in Taiwan’s Pacific southeast coast. In Katatipulr he learned Pinuyumayan music, language, culture and traditions.


On the leading edge of Asia’s electronic music scene, DJ Code began making a name for himself even before releasing an album, creating music for films such as Golden Horse Award – winning  «Eternal Summer» and luxury brands like Sobranie.  Нe has spun at launch parties for major brands like Armani Exchange, Aston Martin, BMW, Hennessy and Louis Vuitton, and produced music for prominent companies like ASUS, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, and Uniqlo.

V-ROX Festival is announcing its 2017 partners: FEFU, RunDnsRun, Consulate General of the USA, the embassy of India and the embassy of Israel

June 30, 16:19
V-ROX promo 2016 (3)

V-ROX an international music festival held in Vladivostok, this year will be held for the fifth time, and we are proud to present our partners. Thanks to them the mission of V-ROX to promote musical culture in Russia and abroad is possible. In the air, on the ground and on the sea V-ROX is supported by the following:


Far Eastern Federal University

FEFU is a unique intellectual centre with international level campus infrastructure and innovative educational and researching way of training highly qualified staff for the thorough problem solving of the regional economics. It is the central ground for scientific collaboration of russian and international experts communities. It is an active participant of social and economical and cultural development of the Russian Far East.

Since 2016, a new management team has taken over in developing the communications Russian and international expert community with Research, educational and innovative institutions Countries of the Asia-Pacific region (APR). The university partner network includes Universities and research centers of Japan, South Korea, China and Other countries of the Asia-Pacific region. FEFU strives in following the academic traditions and following the newest educational trends, they aspire to become the best scientific and educational center of the APR.

Almost anybody can join the FEFU team. The only requirement is thethirst for discovery and breakthroughs, both in personal and professional activities, and in the life of their country. Wherever you are and where ever you may be the most important part is take your first step – # IdemNaVostok!



RunDnsRun – a community of professional sports people and for those who enjoy running. Each week there is a cross-country trail run for all. The club brings together over 3,000 participants around the far eastern region and has affiliate clubs in Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Nakhodka. First half-marathon “Vladivostok Bridges”, International half-marathon on ice “Vladivostok Ice Run” and Vladivostok International Marathon are some of the mass sporting events which are organised.

United State Flag

Consulate General of the USA in Vladivostok

Consulate General of the USA in Vladivostok implements the international policy of the USA and provides services to citizens of the USA and the Russian Federation. The main priority of the consulate is well-being of the USA citizens in the Far East of Russia, also the information about their location. At the same time efforts of the public diplomacy are aimed at the development of openness and the extension of direct contacts between the Russian and USA citizens with the help of cultural and educational programs, coverage of these processes in mass media.


Consulate General of India in Vladivostok

This year its the 70th Anniversary of the established diplomatic relations between India And Russia, as well as the 25th anniversary of the consulate general presence in the Far East. Some of the key priorities for the Consulate General of India in Vladivostok is to develop cultural relations and strengthening the friendship between the citizens of Russia and India in a form of cultural events such as film screenings, dance shows, yoga master classes and many other events.

Also V-ROX festival would like to express its gratitude to their other international partners – the Embassy of Israel in Russia, Zandari Festa in South Korea, Trans-Asian Meeting & Music from Okinawa in Japan and Playtime Festival in Mongolia.

V-ROX 2017 new artists: mescheryakova, The Big Wave, Lightcraft and Vandetta

June 29, 13:42
The Big Wave2

We are happy to announce another batch of artists who will celebrate with us our 5th year anniversary between 4-6 August in Vladivostok, they are: the superstars of the Chinese underground scene The Big Wave, radio-diva from Singapore – Vandetta, dreamy eco-activists Lightcraft from Indonesia and the charismatic project from Vladivostok – mescheryakova.

The Big Wave

The Big Wave (Beijing, China) formed as a garage rock band in 2009 but has since then evolved and developed into playing new wave / post-punk strongly influenced by the 70’s and 80’s. The post-punk and new-wave fans, especially the party animals,have been conquered immediately while the band deserves the recognition of festival organizers as well as Chinese and foreign media. Furthermore, they was chosen as the best live band and best new band in 2013 by foreign magazine. All of these made The Big Wave becoming the most anticipated voice of Beijing rock & roll with no doubt.

picture (1)

mescheryakova (Russia, Vladivostok) – fronted by indie-pop singer Anastasia Meshcheryakova, her music combines poetic lyrics and memorable motifs along with great modern age harmonies. In 2016 the group attracted attention of the local music scene after appearing on the main city stages, including V-ROX festival, and instantly becoming one of the most notable musical discoveries in Vladivostok. In 2017 mescheryakova released her debut EP.

Lightcraft (Jakarta, Indonesia) are an indie-rock/dream-pop band that thrive under quit happyness and melancholia. They pride themselves on their trademark anthemic, melancholic sound; crafting atmospheric songs out of sadness and joy. The band are ambassadors to a non-profit organisation called Bersih Nyok!, whose aim is to make Jakarta a better, cleaner city that could be deemed worthy of being called the capital city of Indonesia.


Vandetta (Singapore) – singer, radio DJ and programme director of Lush99.5 fm radio station. Fronted by Vanessa Fernandes her world of music and entertainment began when she was just 12 years old. She performed in various plays and musicals and sang with famous Singaporean artists. Her debut solo effort was recorded in Los Angeles and soon after she returned to her home to support the growing of the music scene in Singapore and continue to evolve as an artist and performer.

Keep up to date with all artists here.

Applications for festival Volunteers are now OPEN!

June 27, 07:00
Волонтеры V-ROX

V-ROX festival and Vladivostok Department of Youth are happy to announce the volunteer application opening for the 5th anniversary of V-ROX Festival. Young enthusiasts would be expected to help the organising team in making the fifth year a great success in different areas. The active dates are expected to be from 1st to 7th of August 2017.

Applications can be made via telephone: +7 4232 222 39 65 (Vladivostok). Requirements: 18+, knowledge of foreign languages and experience of working at major international events are welcomed. Deadline: 24th July 2017.

Those who wish to take part in the press team (photographers and journalists) are asked to send their application cv to the festival press manager Ksenia Poll via email Applicants are required to mention ‘V-ROX V Press Centre’ the subject followed by name, age, social media pages and their works — photographs and/or blogs or text in the email body.

For a festival volunteer it is a unique opportunity to mix with known international and Russian artists, gain new experience, friends and fond memories. We are looking forward to welcoming you all and making our celebration a huge success.