Far East leopard is «watching» Vladivostok from the Eagle Knoll

August 15, 18:13

A huge image of the Far Eastern leopard appeared on the wall, located on one of the highest points of Vladivostok – Orlynaya Sopka (Eagle Knoll). It was painted by Sonny – South African street art artist. This art object was created in Vladivostok for the fifth V-ROX festival and became part of the international project on the protection of rare and endangered species of animals «To the Bone». Ilya Lagutenko, curator of V-ROX, is a member of the advisory council of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) in Russia and an active protector of the Amur tiger and the Far Eastern leopard.

Ilya Lagutenko, curator of the V-ROX Festival: «This action is organized by the artist in collaboration with the International Fund for Animal Welfare and attracts attention to the problem of the extinction and extermination of rare species of animals. We are grateful that the action was supported in Vladivostok by «Far Eastern Leopard» national park, Far Eastern Federal University, city administration of Vladivostok».

It took seven days and 240 liters of paint to create the graffiti and the work was completed on time in spite of Vladivostok unpredictable and changeable weather. As Sonny says it was a real pity that he couldn’t see all the festival gigs as he was working during all the daylight hours. Now his leopard «watches» the city, reminding both the jubilee V-ROX, and the need to preserve and protect the Far Eastern leopard.

Fifth V-ROX: thank you for being with us!

August 9, 21:38

The fifth international music festival and conference V-ROX took place in Vladivostok during the first August week-end. Bands from 11 countries played their fantastic gigs on the main stage on Sports Quay and in the clubs during three days.


Every day became an exciting musical journey – “On the Earth, in the Sky and Sea” – this was the motto of V-ROX 2017. The power of music moved the promised typhoon – the main festival of the free port of Vladivostok was accompanied by good weather. Thousands of happy people, music and a special atmosphere of V-ROX – together with you we will remember the festival for a long time!

A real gift to the locals and guests of the city was  the gig of Mumiy Troll – the day after their sold-out concert in Fetisov Arena, the band played on the main stage on Sports Quay.


Ilya Lagutenko: “What did we learn during the five years of the «Vladivostok Rock» Festival? We know how to create international multi-genre music program for the festival, which have no analogues in Russia. We interact with international festivals and promotional organizations, embassies of different countries, local administration and city services, and simply with interesting people – this allows to expand the boundaries of performances and find ways of business development.

Once again we realized that no financial crisis or cold war couldn’t stop openhearted people. We understood that it is possible to connect music, cinema, fashion, gastronomy, sport, ecology, and concentrate only on local products and interests.

I believe that the most important achievement is that city points of club and social life began to interact with each other, realizing that it is mutually beneficial for everyone. In the fifth V-ROX participated 11 clubs and restaurants of the city, more than 30 local brands participated in the design market. The same days the sailing regatta in the Peter the Great Bay and the Chinese ballet tour were held in the city – it also showed the power of V-ROX vacation. I see the development of the festival – from the city holiday on the embankment the festival has transformed into a network of creative laboratories on various city venues with enthusiastic people. This is my continues dream of Vladivostok 3000».

This year festival gathered a lot of people – more than ever during 5 years. Thank you all for being with us! The festival team goes on vacation, but music and emotions are still in our hearts. We are waiting for new meeting in Vladivostok! We VROX YOU!

The full program of V-ROX 2017 is ready

July 30, 17:11

The fifth V-ROX festival will start in Vladivostok on August 4, its main stage is located on the Sports Quay. A detailed program of the festival has already been published on the festival’s website. The entrance to the daily concerts on the main stage is free.

Musicians, DJs, artists, producers and public figures from China, Indonesia, Taiwan, USA, Singapore, India, Japan, Israel and other countries will come to the main festival of Vladivostok free port. For three festival days, several dozens of performances will take place on the main stage and in clubs: Mumiy Troll Music Bar, Bar Druzhba, Ozzy Bar, Street Bar, Black Rabbit, Cat & Clover, DAB, RA Club and Stereotypes.

The special festival bar game “Chesamuzyka” (What music is that)  will be held on August 4 at 16:00 in the karaoke bar Salon, and the chefs from Japan will give master classes in the restaurant The Kitchen.

Lecture program of the festival and film shows will be held at the cinema “Ocean IMAX”: Alex Michaelson  (USA / Japan), musicians and producers, musician and shaman Sangpuy will tell about his experience of promoting artists around the world about the art and culture of the aborigines of Taiwan. In the Year of Ecology on V-ROX, their vision of environmental problems will be shared by musicians from Indonesia, representatives of the National Park “Land of the Leopard” and the environmental project “Island of Dreams”. The work of street art artist Sonny will also be devoted to the protection of nature: he will draw a giant leopard.

A traditional V-ROX race will also take place: a 2-km route will start from Burny Cape and end on the Sports Quay.

Internet-broadcasting of V-ROX 2017 concerts

July 30, 15:43

The jubilee V-ROX will be held from 4 to 6 August on the Sports Quay. Every day there will be live concert internet broadcasting from the main stage. It’s a unique chance to feel the atmosphere of the main festival of the free port Vladivostok and to listen to all the gigs by musicians from around even you are far away from Vladivostok.

Concerts can be viewed at the official Tele2 YouTube channel

and Tele2 social networks



The broadcast will also available at «V-ROX online» YouTube channel

Broadcasting schedule:

Friday, August 4 – from 17:00 to 22:00 (Vladivostok time) or from 10:00 to 17:00 (Moscow time);

Saturday, August 5 – from 13:00 to 23:00 (Vladivostok time) or from 06:00 to 16:00 (Moscow time);

Sunday, August 6 – from 13:00 to 18:45 (Vladivostok time) or from 06:00 to 11:45 (Moscow time).

Concert program

Thanks to Tele2, even if you are thousands of kilometers away from the Sports Quay you can feel yourself in the center of musical events, see gigs by musicians from all over the world: Russia, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, USA, Singapore, India, Japan, Israel and other countries.


July 29, 20:43
Россия. Владивосток. 19 августа. Во время музыкального забега «Run V-ROX Run!». Дмитрий Ефремов/ТАСС|

As a tradition, the participants of the 5th V-ROX festival will take part in thе marathon which  is called “Morskaya” and dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the cult album of the Mumiy Troll band. The route will run along the sea front and will start on the 5th of August at 10 am at the Byrny Cape. Festival musicians and RunDnsRun running club is inviting everybody to take part in the musical marathon!

The collaboration of sports and music community is not accidental. The organisers of the race have a common goal – the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Participants of marathon will run to the music of V-ROX 2017 and the legendary songs of the album “Morskaya” along the colourful sea embankment of Vladivostok. The starting line of the 2 km route will be set up near the main stage of the festival.

The race will act as a preparation for the Vladivostok International Marathon which will take place on the 23rd of September 217.

V-ROX 2017 new artists: Wa Rubbers, Deer, Starcardigan and The Gravity

July 10, 13:20
WA Rubbers

We are happy to announce more bands and musicians who will celebrate our 5th year anniversary between 4-6 August in Vladivostok. Meet Okinawa stars Wa Rubbers, Deer – Mexicans from Hong Kong and aboriginals from Vladivostok The Gravity and Starcardigan.

The Wa Rubbers members were originally busy with video production, web and fashion design, they released short films and photo books. From about 2013, they started musical activities as a band, using common musical instruments to themselves such as the guitar, a washboard, the Okinawan tradition instrument, and so on.


Deer is an electronic band conformed by two Mexican musicians: Adriana Falcon and Miguel Bastida. Their music is a mix of trip hop, industrial sounds and deep basses plus the powerful vocals and the nostalgic lyrics that brings back the memories of the Mexican and Latin-American poetry.

The Gravity

This music of the Gravity band combines dynamic guitar sounds and beautiful memorable melodies, that reaches heart and remain there for a long time. Creating every song, musicians don’t aspire to obey any rules, but combine their common ideas with individual addictions and preferences.


Starcadigan is an electronic pop, nu-disco band from Vladivostok. Considered to be one of the best emerging talents in Russia among music lovers and industry insiders. In 2016 the band has become a true phenomenon after completing a tour of China which was deemed as the biggest tour in the history of Russian musicians who tour in that particular region.

Get ready for V-ROX V!

July 6, 16:17
Россия. Владивосток. 20 августа. Во время концерта группы «Joel Sarakula» (Австралия). Дмитрий Ефремов/ТАСС|

The festival playlist 2017 is ready for your downloads!

Listen to the music, download and choose your favorite: trendy DJ Code from Taiwan, Indonesian dreamers Lightcraft, Russian indie-pop singer mescheryakova, Rattle And Hum from India, indie-rockers National Pigeon Unity, Graham Candy from New Zeland and more musicians from all over the world.

Let’s meet and sing together in Vladivostok August, 4-6, WE V-ROX YOU!