Vladivostok city administration

Currently the main aim of the city administration is to form the infrastructure in Vladivostok in order to increase the city’s role as the center of international business and cultural cooperation of the Asia-Pacific region.

Vladivostok authorities pay much attention to the rich cultural life. Festivals, large sport events, forums, exhibitions, concerts are held in the city by sea throughout summer and autumn. International music festival V-ROX, supported by Vladivostok’s administration, became one of the brightest and loudest events.



S7 Airlines

This has a huge significance, meaning our mission of supporting emerging artists and culture in Russia can continue. By looking at the open world and cherishing new experience S7 Airlines supports cultural projects with pride.

Thanks to a wide range of flight destinations, S7 gives an opportunity to connect all forces and potential talented people across Russia and people of countries from abroad. By developing new flight paths in the far east of Russia and opening new domestic and international flights, S7 Airlines strives to bring people closer by giving them an opportunity to pick the shortest route, flight time and moreover give their customers an experience of a lifetime.

Come and fly with S7 to Vladivostok, the most vibrant city of the far east of Russia, where like minded people meet and share innovative ideas.



Tele2 is a mobile operator, has been operating in Russia since 2003. Tele2 builds its business on a unique model for the telecommunications market, which has already proved its effectiveness: high-quality services at low prices. Cost management and focus only on the products demanded by subscribers help the company to develop more actively than other players in the Russian mobile market. Even in a highly competitive environment, Tele2 demonstrates significant growth in the subscriber base and key business indicators.
Tele2 creates its infrastructure in such a way that the network works as efficiently as possible. The company carefully approaches to network planning and uses modern equipment that allows providing reliable mobile communications to subscribers at the best prices. Tele2 operates in 65 regions and serves 38.9 million subscribers.




Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) is an intellectual, educational, project, and analytical center in the Far East of Russia, located on Russky Island on the shores of Ajax Bay. FEFU was established in 1899, but in the form in which the university exists now, its development began in 2010. Since 2016, the new management team led by Interim President Nikita Anisimov has promoted communication of the Russian and international expert community with research, academic, and innovative institutions of the Asia Pacific countries. The partner network includes universities and research centers in Japan, South Korea, China, and other countries of the Asia Pacific region.

We strive to make FEFU an academic outpost of the country in the Asia Pacific region. By maintaining long-standing scientific traditions and tracking the latest education trends, we aspire to become the best research and education center in the Asia Pacific region. FEFU is creating the research and technology valley and IT cluster on Russky Island, attracting professionals and intellectuals from all over the country. Our university participates in the federal agenda and intends to develop its potential nationwide and in the interests of the whole country.

You can join our team, whoever you are. The only condition is a beginner’s motivation and a thirst for discoveries and breakthroughs, both in personal and professional activities, and in the life of this country. Wherever you are and wherever you are going, the main thing is to take your first step: #IdemNaVostok!



«Ocean IMAX» cinema

«Ocean» is the biggest movie center of the Far East, it is situated in the favourite resting place of Vladivostok — at the shore of Sport Harbor. The architects G.K. Machulsky and B.I. Levshin designed the unique architectural construction in Moscow, it started its work in January, 1969.

Today «Ocean IMAX» cinema is a multifunctional movie center with four halls (880 seats) including the first and the only in the Far East ultramodern hall IMAX. The cinema is the main movie venue of the city. Various film festivals and the International Film Festival of the Asian-Pacific region «Pacific Meridian» as well, many meet-the-artist sessions, conferences, graduation parties are held here.

«Ocean IMAX» cinema provides not only an escalator, but also an elevating platform and ramps for people with limited mobility. The cinema has its own parking lot, which is supplied with modern automated equipment for parking cards usage.


Consulate General of the USA in Vladivostok

Consulate General of the USA in Vladivostok implements the international policy of the USA and provides services to citizens of the USA and the Russian Federation. The main priority of the consulate is well-being of the USA citizens in the Far East of Russia, also the information about their location. At the same time efforts of the public diplomacy are aimed at the development of openness and the extension of direct contacts between the Russian and USA citizens with the help of cultural and educational programs, coverage of these processes in mass media.


Embassy of Israel in the Russian Federation



Consulate General of India in Vladivostok

Celebrating 70th Anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Russia and 25th Anniversary of opening the diplomatic mission, Consulate General of India in Vladivostok has given priority to promoting of Indian сulture among russians. Various cultural events such as movie screenings, dance performances, yoga master-classes etc. have been introduced in order to serve this purpose.



A community of professional sports people and for those who enjoy running. Each week there is a cross-country trail run for all. The club brings together over 3,000 participants around the far eastern region and has affiliate clubs in Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Nakhodka. First half-marathon «Vladivostok Bridges», International half-marathon on ice «Vladivostok Ice Run» and Vladivostok International Marathon are some of the mass sporting events which are organised.



Founded in 1969 the International Fund for Animal Welfare saves individual animals, animal populations and habitats all over the world. With projects in more than 40 countries, IFAW provides hands-on assistance to animals in need, whether it’s dogs and cats, wildlife and livestock, or rescuing animals in the wake of disasters. This respected organisation also advocates in saving populations from cruelty and depletion. IFAW’s mission is to rescue and protect animals around the world — “We rescue individuals, safeguard populations, and preserve habitat.”


Leopard Land National Park

Leopard Land National Park was created in Primorsky region by resolution of the Russian government in 2012. Leopard Land National Park accounts for about 70 percent of the leopard’s natural habitat. Its critical mission is to save and preserve the Amur leopard population. The decision to establish the park was truly historic: the world’s rarest wild cat, the Amur leopard, can now live in safety on an area of nearly 2,800 square kilometres. For now there is about 70 of those spotted predators in Russia.


Mumiy Troll Music Bar (Vladivostok)

This is the unique project of VVO PROJECT and the band Mumiy Troll’s partnership. The most popular city bar is an integral part of any guest route and the headquarters of the international showcase festival V-ROX. It was built according the latest tendencies of the foreign culture of entertainments but at the same time it keeps Vladivostok’s traditions and stories of the time formation of the band Mumiy Troll.

There are faery parties, live music performances, dynamic sets of DJs and star concerts. Vopli Vidoplyasova, Chicherina, Nike Borzov, Smyslovye Gallyutsinatsii, Linda, IOWA, Undervud, V-ROX festival participants and the legendary Mumiy Troll band performed here.



Druzhba Bar (Vladivostok)

Druzhba Bar works especially for those who looks back with kind nostalgia at the taste of soda from a slot machine at street corner, who knows what polugar is, and who can guess a golden smash-hit with three notes.

If you have never lived in the Soviet Union and you know about the time, when roast chicken was a real delicacy, only thanks to parents’ stories, come and eliminate the illiteracy totally in our friendly gastronomic museum!


Stereotypes (Vladivostok)

First ever vinyl bar in Vladivostok, an idea that belongs to Ilya Lagutenko (frontman of Mumiy Troll). This is a cosy place with a great atmosphere which is created by music, delicious beverages and a general warm meeting place. Stereotypes bar format comes from such places in Tokyo aimed at record collectors and for those who enjoy a great night out.



Yes, everything here is just like what you like: it is Drink­&Burgers. Place with true burgers cooked on the most famous oven-grilled Josper and limited edition craft beer. With a special atmosphere, which is inspired by New York subculture, encouraged by Rolli­ng Stones melodies, full of smiling tatt­ooed bartenders and waiters.



RA is a disctinctive bar that takes place in the former boat garage at the rock on the shore of the Sea of Japan. The bar provides people with an electronic sound, cocktails at a reasonable price, and the handmade interior that makes you feel at home.

китчен лого


Nobody can’t leave indifferent, vintage and cozy interior of chef-restaurant “Kitchen”. Here dominated soft and warm tones, natural materials, and comfortable furniture. The interior of the restaurant keep in one space classic and modern, village Provence and urban motifs.
Eclectic menu at the “Kitchen” also extravagant. European and Asian motifs intertwined in a way that boundaries between them are almost indistinguishable. Established gastronomic hits and daring experiments – it’s always new kitchen of Chef Dmitry Lyubimov.
Chef’s kitchen turns usual ideas about restaurants – luxurious but not expensive, stylish but comfortable, fun, but no one bothers each other. Hall can accommodate 60 guests. On the second floor of the restaurant, we have VIP-hall with a plasma screen and this hall for 12 guests.
However, all designs was create for the main thing: truly delicious and hearty meal.


Karaoke DJ Bar located in a hisrirical part of Vladivostok. Karaoke bar with stage, electronic music night club, vocal show, cocktails and seafood restaurant




«CheZaMuzyka» is a bar team game for friends who are fond of music. There are six fascinating rounds dedicated to music in different ways. In honor of V-Rox fifth anniversary the game will be based on a rich festival history.

Can you recognize a song with instrumental part, guitar riff and do you know the difference between original version and cover — that’s what we are going to check on #CheZaMuzyka V-Rox Special Edition.

First three places will be rewarded. To take part in the game it’s necessary to fill a registration form for your team (3-6 persons) after July 15. The games will take place July 14, Мoscow, MT bar, 18:00; August 4, Vladivostok, SALON, 16:00.